About Us

About Us

Created in 2006, 5050partnership brings together key business skills across the Health and Care Market Sector, to help real business transformation. Our partners skills range from ICT services to TeleHealth, TeleCare and TeleRehab services: from Succession Planning through to Flexible Working: Pathway redesign through to Intranet Development.

Meet Our MD

Doug Hopkins started 5050partnership following the NHS NPFiT contracts. He noticed that there was a real need to help NHS Organisations with the Programme contracts and how they could maximise those services. Since then he has worked at creating a network of people across Business, NHS, Local Authority, Housing & 3rd Sector, to develop innovative products & services and new ways of working.
These services span all aspects of business; HR and people, Operational Effectiveness, Going Green, Clinical Change including TeleHealth, mHealth, TeleCare and TeleRehab.

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